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As a martial arts teacher and martial therapist, I support people with various needs through physical practice.

At the start of 2021, I was made aware of the drop in the nutritional value of our food, the impressive amount of sugar we consume and the overexploitation of our land.

A real shock!

In the impetus to complete my support, I decided to test AGS products and can confirm the quality of the products today!

Very happy with the quality / price ratio and the simplicity of the packs made available.

I highly recommend them!

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Sensei Aidin Hashemi



Beauty Pack

Business Pack

Detox Pack

Pain Pack

Weight Management Pack

Sleep Management Pack

Stress Management Pack

Immunity Pack

Intestines Comfort Pack

Intestines Constipation Pack

Sports Performance Pack

Wellness Pack

Essential Kryneo Pack for Men (hair)

Intense Kryneo KR Pack for Men (hair)

Essential Kryneo Pack for Women (hair)

Intense Kryneo KR Pack for Women (hair)


benefit from the best of nature

  • Impeccable product quality

  • Unbeatable price-quality ratio

  • A strong commitment for a world with more respect for resources

  • A united vision of the world

take charge of your health with your advisor Aidin Hashemi 3040

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