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Wa Jiu Kiai

Wa Jiu Kiai is a mix of martial arts (Wakishintai Bugei Ryu) and accompaniment/life coaching.
Our school is accessible to all ages from 7 years old.
The lessons are adapted to the practitioners present.

​Through the Martial Arts approach, create/maintain your anchoring, balance, focus, motivation, confidence, combativeness, perseverance, sociability, agility, adaptability.

Martial therapy

Group of individual lessons

Wa Jiu Kiai online

Ladies self defense

Save Your Life, Save A Life

Company / Teambuilding


harmony between flexibility and rigidity

  • Grounding, Balance, Motivation, Confidence, Combativeness, Perseverance, Agility & Adaptability

  • Wa Jiu Kiai uses the action of the body to support the momentum of your aspirations until they are realized

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