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nourish your body and mind

Wa Jiu Kiai Martial Therapy

PSiO Lumino & Relaxotherapy

Solya Candles

AGS Supplements

V+ Pro Air Purifiers

Alladin’s Decanters


« mind, emotion, body & energy »

Focused on the pillars of well-being, I have selected these products as they are aligned with my values and I use them as a support to martial arts therapy and towards your well-being. Take care of your body and mind, feed your soul with positivity and good vibes, rediscover restful sleep, regain energy, indulge yourself …

  • ENERGY : Wa Jiu Kiai, martial arts & personal development

  • MIND : PSiO, a wonderful companion to the mind

  • EARTH : AGS, high quality supplements

  • FIRE : Solya Candles, create your own zen atmosphere at home

  • AIR : V+ Pur Purifier, purify your first source of energy

  • WATER : Alladin Decanters, revitalize another source of energy


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