Aidin Hashemi


raise to reveal!

Every person’s life course is punctuated by difficult paths to negotiate.

Their fate hangs by a thin thread but is essential to their physical and inner realization.

Aidin Hashemi, through his pas experiences, became the man who could have helped, supported, listened to and understood himself as a child…

An empathetic being, kind demanding yet understanding, tolerant while governed by interior principles, with theraputic and fulfulling words, setting rules for life in society.

In short, an accomplished man with a powerful, demanding mantra:

– My freedom ends where that of others begins.

His parents left a country starting a civil war when he was two and a half years old.

They arrived in Belgium (in Mechelen) where they lived until he was 6 years old.

He followed school lessons in Dutch but never quite found his marks there…

This was a difficult time as he couldn’t find his marks and struggled to forge friendly relationships with the other students in his class.

Aidin’s parents decided to move to Brussels when he was 7 years old.

He was then forced to fend for himself, receiving no help in French nor in Dutch.

Victim of sarcasm, lack of empathy, meanness and harassment from other students, he took the blows to not respond to violence through violence.

He will however keep deep wounds from these harsh times.

Despite this, he set aside bitterness and the spirit of revenge to redirect his values and personal mission at the service of others and their protection.

After leaving for Iran at the age of 16 and a hasty return to Belgium, he would map out and visualize his heart’s mission: to learn martial arts.

When he started practicing martial arts, an incident cause an electric shock in his mind…

He then considered looking at martial arts from another angle:

-Beyond being able to respond to physical attacks from another person putting in danger their physical integrity, this approach must be placed at the heart of fulfilling and spiritually rich personal development.

This luminous mantra will no longer leave Aidin and will feed each of his cells:

-Raise a human being when they are brought down by the blows of life.

-Initiate them to a physical and spiritual harmony through martial arts.

-Have them shine in their personal and professional life.

Aidin places his intervention within the framework of the passage through the physical world to touch the inner subtle world.

In 2007, he completed his studies in eletromechanics.

He will suffer a burnout after two and a half years.

In 2011, he began to work with his father in the dentistry sector (products for dentists).

This was his first contact with the business community and the self-employed.

This will introduce him to the requirements of the freelance profession with regard to the notion of taking responsibilities, taking risks and long to acquire the life that one desires…

This job will force him to put aside his training and, as he will learn later, the closure of his martial arts school, Wakishintai Bugei Ryu.

His participation and involvement in the Keys to Success (personal and professional development seminar) will be a pledge of confidence by providing him with the perception of his potential, energy, the disappearance of his blockages and a new vision of commitment, which he still carries, to this day, within his new martial arts school called Wa Jiu Kiai.

After resigning from the activity managed by his father, he challenged himself to become a full-time independent in order to create his own martial arts school and place this practice in a context of rich and fulfilling overall personal development.

A true school of life!

He perfected himself and became one of the rare teachers and therapists using martial arts principles in order to allow each person, through a better knowledge of their body, to apprehend the real potentialities that lie within them.

In order to place his interventions in a context of well-being, he combines benefits of light therapy through goggles that reduce stress and promote meditation.

He is an advisor and ambassador trainer for PSiO, light therapy and relaxation goggles.

This tool perfectly combines relaxation and sports practice (whether martial arts of other sports).

He, therefore, regularly informs and researches about recent discoveries in neurosciences & relaxation techniques.

Aidin Hashemi will know how to pick you up to reveal yourself!

article written by Yves Plamont


Wa Jiu Kiai Master & Life Coach

As a sensei in martial arts and therapist, my mission is to reveal your full potential, to accompany you in any changes you are going through by returning to your deep roots, to help develop your consciousness, reduce your compulsiveness and sharpen your attention which is necessary for fulfillment and personal development.

The relationship between martial arts, accompaniment and nature.
Through the principles of martial arts, a human being can offer themselves an overview of their ‘internal cartography’ using their experiences.
Your favorite place to disconnect.
Inside myself.
Your first reflex in the morning.
Smile I’m alive!
Your well-being advice.
Talk well to yourself and listen to yourself.
To regain energy.
Love what you do.

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